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Manchester born Nigel Pivaro is a journalist with a special interest in social issues, housing, security and foreign affairs, especially in the Near East and Europe.

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Has the Spanish Government let the separatist cat out of the bag in Barcelona ?

  “We will vote” ‘We will vote” is the cry from the thousands of demonstrators in cities and towns across Catalonia. The Spanish Government reaction? ┬áto send its para military Gaurdia Civil to implement the letter of the constitutional law. … Continue reading

High or low No Good Guys or Bad Guys

Following the downing of the Malaysian Airlines flight killing nearly 300 tourists and air crew

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Donetsk Despatch

Fate of Donetsk,city of one million, rests in hands of a 26 year-old commander recruited by social media. All out war and humanitarian disaster looms dangerously close with increasing hardships for residents. By Nigel Pivaro.1st published in Die Zeit 10/7/14 … Continue reading

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Lou Ferrrante A Pheonix rising and reading for good.

The article below is based on a phone interview I conducted with Lou in March 2013, ahead of his TV series on the Discovery Channel. I had met Lou personally ┬áseveral years earlier in 2009 at Waterstones book store in … Continue reading

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