French Postal Insouciance Threatens International Borders.

When you might ask does the great British Megapolis London find itself in Germany ?

Some dystopian novel depicting events of counter factual history, where Nazi Germany triumphed over Great Britain during World War Two and annexed the great city into Greater Deutschland perhaps.

A deal between Brexit Britain and the EU to entice the Eurocrats into a favourable trade deal with UK?

No… none of the above, it happens in the minds of the geographically challenged super inefficient French Postal workers, who when entrusted with a small package addressed to a recipient in London, England, duly send the package to Germany.

Unbelievable ! Six days later when there is no sign of the package (despatched from a post office in Paris) at the recipient’s London address, an online tracking search reveals the package to be ready to be delivered, despite showing the package location to be in Germany!

Despite this obvious oversight there has been no apparent pro active attempt to rectify this monumental error by the French post office.

No… this has to be instigated by the disgruntled customer who on alerting a dim witted operative in what laughingly passes for customer service, is informed that the onus is now on the customer to engage with the French Postal website to inform the “service” that the package has not been received.

It is in fact languishing in a country where London is not the capital, which is not called Angleterre, but Allemande or Deutschland.

Then” we might six days after postage get some redress which may or may not get the package to it’s correct destination.”

The incompetence is unbelievable, the couldn’t care less attitude of the operatives within the service lamentable.

Yes this is just one experience, but believe me it is set against so many examples of incompetence within France’s bloated service sectors, both public and private that is making it hard to love France, even for someone who used to consider himself an ardent Francophile.

In France it seems the customer is not important, has few rights and is not taken seriously.

Try taking a product back to a shop, especially a supermarket in France.

Invariably you are met with an unsympathetic unhelpful response, no matter the extent of the complaint.

Wine was off “Oh that was obviously your fault because you did not keep it at the right temperature, The handle fell off “Oh you were obviously holding the item too forcefully” Your package was sent to the wrong country “That’s your fault for choosing a country that starts with the same letter as another country”

Could it be that the lack of competition and the monopoly enjoyed by companies in France’s sclerotic unreformed business environment engenders this attitude?

In the UK the customer is generally right with customer services erring on the side of the complainant.

There are dozens of consumer groups and media to hold business and their level of service and quality of product to account.

Come on France ‘de Merdez Vous’ you should be able to do better than this, get a grip and stop your decline into becoming a failed state.

I look forward to receiving my package in London, ENGLAND,sometime before the end of 2019, but given my knowledge of France in recent years I won’t be holding my breath.

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